MHA Tribute Fund at Bloodwise

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THE MARK HENRY ARCHER TRIBUTE FUND was set up in memory of my beautiful husband who lost his life sunddenly to a rare Blood Cancer.


The fund gives Mark a deserved legacy while raising awareness & funds to BEAT all 137 BLOOD CANCERs.


Everyone will be a survivior with their beautiful lives to lead to the full and no-one will have their hearts shattered and lives destroyed.

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In August 2016 when IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER was completed and beginning the process of becoming a real paperback book.


A song, sound track was in the ealry stages of being penned.

Colin Spackman, lead singer of Long Way Back wrote lyrics to the hit.


On a fresh November afternoon Colin, Steve, Glen and Dave - Long Way Back - entered the studio to record the song ready for release to the world.


Beautiful lyrics threaded through the book leaving the reader with curiosty to hear the song.

Another lovely trip away, this time Prague


Mark Henry Archer was a beautiful husband, father, brother & friend.


In March 2010 a rare form of Blood Cancer took him suddenly from our world.  Mark was only 49 years old and poorly for just 40 days.


A Tribute Fund at Bloodwise was set up to give Mark a deserved legacy raising awareness & funds to beat Blood Cancer.



A Memorial Golf Day was held for friends and family to share memories and raise a glass to Mark. It was a great success. Jayne needed to let this grow, creating a variety of many events to raise money while spreading awareness of Blood Cancer.

Events range from golf Days, Quizzes, Paws To Beat dog walks, Coffee & Cake Days and so much more ....


Since 2014 every year has seen Jayne take part in or organise events. Along with these events, it is an annual challenge for Jayne to achieve - facing a fear - making it a true challenge.

2015 involved Jayne and 26 friends & supporters Climbing the O2 in London.


2016 saw her take part in a 24km walk through London crossing 16 of Londons iconic bridges. On through to 2017, Jayne has many more challenges she wants to take on, keeping the momnetum and keeping the memory alive.

In 2015 IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER was born.


Since losing Mark his widow always had a yearning to do something to help others cope with a shattered heart & a life, future & world destoyed by inconsolable grief.


A writing course in July 2015 began the start of her story and steps towards bringing IF ONLY to life. A year of tears, writing, smiles, reflection, writing, memories, frustration and much more writing resulted in a Love Story to her husband.


A journey of heartbreak, pain & sorrow. The story of how she rebuilt her life and learnt to smile and laugh once again.

IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER is a paperback you won't want to put down.